Right & Standard Method to Hold a Pencil for Writing

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Children, at an early age, do not know the correct method to grip a pencil for writing, and when they reach the age of one or 1 ½ years, grip the pencil tightly. If the children understand the correct method for gripping pencils they feel easiness onward in their life.



There are different ways of pencil gripping styles for children.

  1. The children aging 1 and 1 ½ years grip the pencil in their fist at the time of writing.
  2. The children aging 2 onward grips the pencil from it is the very upper side that does not make a basic change in their writing ability.
  3. The children aging from 4 to 6 years enable them to grip a pencil correctly way.

The pencil should always be gripped with 3 fingers from its lower-side, the pencil should be gripped with index and middle finger and thumb be kept at the upper side that will make grip tight.

The grip of following 3 fingers is very necessary:

  1. Index finger
  2. Middle finger
  3. Thumb

At the time of writing, grip the pencil with index finger, thumb and support the pencil with middle finger at below-side of pencil and others should be lightly bend.

Fingers will grip the pencil up to a reasonable point. If the child is left-hander his elbow will be shrink at the time of writing and wrist will be bend.

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